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1.     How is “Added Value” different from other providers of audit and accounting services?

Added Value is a licensed audit and accounting company, as well as a member of the global association „Integra International“. Our business model is founded in the principle of permanent progress. With the application of top-of-the-line accounting technologies, our company helps you reduce procedural costs and increase control over your business processes. Our easy-to-use automated systems cut off the possibility of human error. All the information is accessible via the cloud system. And we are always looking for ways to optimize your business process by means of new, custom-made business process management applications. “Added Value” takes care of the muddle and gives you the breathing space you need to move forward. 


2.     How much do your services cost?

Our customers are free to choose from two ways of price formation:

  1. Fixed monthly price, determined according to your needs and business characteristics. Biannually, we have a sit down with the client to review the agreement so that it reflects the new situation and satisfies both parties.
  2. Hourly rate and fixed fees for specific services.

With us, you are never obliged to pay for unnecessary services. Individual pricing means only paying for the services which serve your business in a direct, specific and beneficial way. 


3.      What added values will Hi-Tech Accounting create for my business?

“Added Value” Hi-Tech Accounting liberates your time while empowering you with smart tools for the monitoring of your finances and business processes. “Added Value” accounting solutions cut off human error, and guarantee the safety of your data. We organically adapt to your business management system and suggest new modules that can further optimize your business operations. What is more, your financial data is stored in a secure cloud system making it accessible from any location with internet connection. Added Value stands for less work, more control and a fresh breathing space for your business vision. 


4.     Added Value is an international company. Does that mean that my business information would be accessible in English, and from any point in the globe?

Yes. Our accounting systems support English, Lithuanian and Russian languages. And your data is stored in a secure cloud system rendering your data accessible from any location with internet connection.


5.     Can you integrate your accounting solutions to my working ERP system?

Yes. “Added Value” stands for flexibility and organic adaptation to the client’s working business management systems. What is more, we are also ready to analyze your business process and take proactive measures in offering you new system modules that further optimize your business operations. 


ADDED VALUE. Freedom in Progress

Added Value is a licensed audit and accounting company. Our work is based on the principle of permanent progress. Added Value customers are guaranteed that their finances are, and will be, handled with top-of-the-line accounting technology. Less work, more control. In all of Europe.
Added Value – Freedom in Progress


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