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The Value of Safety

Audit of financial and consolidated financial statements, analysis and evaluation of additional parameters – all customized to your business needs. Not only do our audit experts evaluate the real condition of your company, but also identify future financial threats and provide pro-active guidelines (and the supervision of their implementation). Greater control comes together with smart and comfortable monitoring solutions for business processes and results. With us, international financial responsibility criteria are always firmly achieved. And your business is always in the know when to advance full speed, and when to retreat and regroup.


  • Audit of financial and consolidated financial statements;
  • Audit of EU structural funds use;
  • Internal audit;
  • Review of financial statements;
  • Revision;
  • Other services needed by your business.

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ADDED VALUE. Freedom in Progress

Added Value is a licensed audit and accounting company. Our work is based on the principle of permanent progress. Added Value customers are guaranteed that their finances are, and will be, handled with top-of-the-line accounting technology. Less work, more control. In all of Europe.
Added Value – Freedom in Progress


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