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Less Work, More Control

“Added Value” provides tax planning and legal consultations. Solutions to unique challenges of every business are paramount to the added value we strive to create. Application of modern legal instruments. Professional tax liability control. Access to your company information via the cloud system (from any location with internet connection). With us, you manage your finances safely, smartly and comfortably.

  • Tax calculations, planning and consultations;
  • Representation of individual and legal persons in taxation related cases;
  • Tax and legal audit;
  • Company establishment and liquidation;
  • Company reorganization conditions;
  • Evaluation of company reorganization conditions;
  • Expertise and representation in economical-financial, taxation and bankruptcy cases;
  • Drawing up of contracts;
  • Reorganization and liquidation of legal persons.

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Added Value - Freedom in Progress

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ADDED VALUE. Freedom in Progress

Added Value is a licensed audit and accounting company. Our work is based on the principle of permanent progress. Added Value customers are guaranteed that their finances are, and will be, handled with top-of-the-line accounting technology. Less work, more control. In all of Europe.
Added Value – Freedom in Progress


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